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Dogmaster provides Boarding and Training. it is the most comprehensive approach to fast track your dog’s training! In this program, your sweet pup gets a working vacation at our facility.  They’ll receive a full-time dog trainer who will work on their specific needs. We’ll conduct “real life” training at parks, shops and pet stores, complete with common distractions. Your dog will learn to stop typical bad behaviors such as jumping, biting, barking, separation anxiety, and much more.


Behavior issues in dogs can be a result of many things. If your dog has aggression, separation anxiety, barking, digging, jumping and other bad behaviors, we can help you to fix the problems. Understanding the problem behaviors is very important. We will help you to judge the behaviors and offer right techniques to fix the problem. We will work on the behaviors and same time coach you too. 



PRIVATE LESSONS Dogmaster and Dog Trainer help address the unique needs of your pet, instead of in a class that is attempting to train the same things to a dozen different dogs. Whether you are experiencing frustrations with dog aggression, accidents in the house, or ceaseless barking, Private Lessons are the perfect approach to tackle the individual challenges facing your dog. You’ll be coached with the skills to continue working with your dog, and build long-lasting habits of commendable behaviors that you can be proud of!

We offer a free consultation if your dog has a behavior problem!

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